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At Homeland Computer Systems, Inc. , we are known for our reliable services and quality products in PC building and PC repair. Our technicians are able to provide support and resolve all of your IT issues as they occur. We provide major name brand parts and software such as Intel, AMD, Microsoft, 3Com, Microstar International, Sony, Rockwell, Mitsumi, and more when repairing, upgrading, or building a new computer system.

At Homeland Computer Systems, our services go far beyond single-item sales. We can design, build and customize your complete business accounting network or point of sales system for your location. Our systems are known for their reliability and ease of use. Homeland Computer Systems' reputation for state of the art technology and support is unsurpassed.

Homeland Computer Systems is an authorized dealer for Intel, AMD, Microsoft, 3Com, Microstar International, Sony, Rockwell, and Mitsumi and software manufacturers. Our sales and technical expertise encompasses over 30 years of computer data processing and troubleshooting experience.

*Call and give us the opportunity to talk with you about your current and future computer needs! Office (205) 665-9578.

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If you need something that you do not see listed on this site, whether it be a service or product, just contact us with a question and we will resolve the request by any means possible! Just visit our Contact page where you can find numerous ways to contact our company and let us know what your problems are so that we can resolve them in a timely manner.


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