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Benefits of owning your own website

The primary functions of websites for companies were as a place to distribute information about products or services in the Internet media. Thanks to its valuable features: non-stop 24 hours business time, global coverage, high availability, trendy yet interactive way in communicating to existing customers or potential ones from around the world, websites are now one of the primary identities for most companies in the world.

Websites are globally accessible from all over the world in practically any time: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. This means if we looked at a website as merely a promotion medium (despite its so many functions), then, we already have one that covers the whole world, that can be read at anytime as it never closes, the contained information can be up to its very details, and it also can accept feedback from the audiences (as websites are interactive). All of this with so little costs!

Thus, it comes to no surprise if these days millions of companies either bigger or smaller ones extend and market their products to any corner of the world, with very little cost that unthinkable earlier days. This advantage is especially important for any small companies as it gives them the power to compete with their bigger rivaling companies.

With all the various advantages & benefits websites have to offer, together with their affordable cost, websites have become must have stuff every company should own and exploit.

Let's Build Your Company's Website Now!


In addition to the following website design packages, we also provide website maintenance contracts to maintain and keep your site running. We hope that you will take our offers into consideration as a website is only as good as the people that make it and here at Homeland Computer Systems, Inc, we make good websites; that's the bottom line.

Website Design Packages Overview

1. Micro Design package

    • 3 web page design

2. Express Design Package

    • 4 web page design
    • 1 month free maintenance (Silver maintenance plan)

3. Basic Design package

    • 15 web page design
    • 1 month free maintenance (Silver maintenance plan)

4. Company Design package

    • 35 web page design
    • 1 month free maintenance (Silver maintenance plan)

In addition to designing, we will maintain and host your website as well. Click the links for details.


*Call or come by for pricing. Each site is different as it is customized according to your individual needs.
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